New Dawn Collective
New Dawn Collective
Visual Cinematic Music

Contest Rules

1. At least one (1) stem from the original track must be used;

2. Remix Contest artwork has to be used as an artwork for your track (included is stems package);

3. Do NOT send WIPs. Please ensure you send one (1) remix in its final version;

4. If you wish to share your song with New Dawn community for feedback or constructive criticism, please join our Discord Server.  Use "contest-discussion" tab for uploading your WIPs.

5. The song has to be publicly uploaded to your Soundcloud. A link for a song can be submitted using the form.

6. Feel free to DM if you have any questions. For fastest response, please join our Discord.

Announcement posts on July 15th

NDS034 - Sound Surfer & Verso - Turns To Dust (ft. Nilka).jpg